Nigerian start-up uses tech to help the visually impaired

Nigerian start-up uses tech to help the visually impaired   –   Copyright  Thomson Reuters 2022

By Reuters  •  Updated: 24/11/2022 – 11:06

LAGOS – A Nigerian start up called Vinsighte is using technology to assist the visually impaired, with several products including “smart” reading glasses that convert text to audio.

About 15.3% of the world’s blind population resides in Africa, according to the World Health Organization, where they often lack the resources and support needed to succeed in school and everyday life.

“I wanted to just try and see if we could build something that could solve the problem and that was where it all started,” said Vinsighte CEO Kolawole Tomi.

The company distributes its products to schools and institutions and estimates it has reached about 5,000 people.

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