About us

About For Africa :

Our website and social media platform aim to sensitize our African communities about the latest news , activities , awareness campaigns and influential personalities across Africa and beyond in the fields of social , health and economic development .

Therefore, we’d like to work with African journalists in various media to give them the opportunity to publish their media work that aims to inform our audiences and followers and to raise awareness about social , health and economic pressing topics.
We will also highlight successful awareness campaigns and share real stories that can contribute to our vision.

We will shed light on most influential Africans who contributed to the social, health and economic development of the continent through interviews and opinion articles edited by journalists from all African countries .

Our social media followers can leave comments, ask questions and make suggestions that we will try hard to respond to on time.

Our vision :

is benefit our followers across Africa through improving access to information , education , health and change of misconceptions to separate myths from facts . 

This to contribute to the social , health and economic development of African communities. 

Through our website or social media channels we will be able to support young talented journalists to express themselves in the most creative and beneficial way so that they contribute to their society and share our vision