Kenyans urged to brace for a sixth COVID-19 wave

By CGTN Africa

FILE PHOTO – A nurse speaks to COVID-19 patient behind a screen inside the intensive care unit (ICU) of Machakos Level 5 Hospital, in Machakos, Kenya, on Monday, August 30, 2021. /Getty Images

Scientists in Kenya say citizens should prepare for a possible sixth wave of COVID-19.

A number of factors are blamed for the new wave, including disobeying public health protocols and guidelines, reopening of schools, political activities, and a low vaccination rate.

According to Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) Committee Chairman, Prof Khama Rogo, the wave will start at the end of April, peak around May 17, and fade after June 2. The wave will last 40 days and will be milder than previous waves.

“The likely daily average infections will be 500 and the number of people projected to get the virus is 20,000, with total fatalities in the entire period being 349,”  said Rogo.

He urges the government to increase vaccination campaigns, especially for the elderly and those with health problems.

Kenya has a robust plan of vaccinating  27,246,033 adults from the disease by the end of 2022.  So far, Kenya has achieved 30 percent of the vaccination goal. 

Since the pandemic was reported in the country, a total of 5,649 people have died.

Story compiled with assistance from wire reports

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