Zambia sees in increase in Chinese investment


Zambian Vice President Mutale Nalumango (L) is seen with a facemask on June 25, 2021. /Creative Commons Chaloni Zambia)

Zambian Vice President Mutale Nalumango says he is happy at the increased levels of Chinese investment in the southern African nation.

The vice president said it was gratifying that the levels of investment by Chinese enterprises have continued to increase in various sectors such as mining, agriculture and manufacturing.

In remarks delivered on Wednesday during the launch of the Chinese Chambers of Commerce in Zambia, the vice president said the increase in Chinese investment was strengthening the bilateral and business relationship between the two countries.

She encouraged the organization to get involved in mobilizing more Chinese investment into the southern African nation as well as supporting existing enterprises to expand their businesses.

Li Tie, the president of the Chinese Chambers of Commerce in Zambia, expressed confidence that more investment from China will continue coming to Zambia because of the enabling environment created by the government.

Zambia has seen an increase in Chinese investment, with the country ranking first for Chinese investment destination in Africa last year for three consecutive years, according to the figures provided by the Chinese embassy in Zambia.

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