Kenya’s first lady declares prayers against homosexuality

By Rédaction Africanews with Agencies

Kenya’s First Lady Rachel Ruto has declared national prayers against homosexuality in the country, declaring the practice as a threat to the institution of the family.

“We want to strengthen the family institution where we have a father, a mother and children. LGBTQ is forbidden even in the Bible and the African culture. Let us hold on to family values,” she said on Sunday during a church service in Meru county.

Prior to this, the First Lady had already created a Faith Diplomacy Office which, she says, will be spreading a praying culture across the country.

Last week, Kenya’s deputy President Rigathi Gachagua made a statement that has sparked controversy among the LGBT community and its allies.

The Vice President stated that the practice of LGBT will not be condoned in the country, drawing criticism from those who advocate for LGBT rights and acceptance.

The statement has reignited the conversation about the treatment of LGBT individuals in the country and whether their rights are being violated.

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