Dr. Rasha Kelej, CEO of Merck Foundation excited to invite you all to read Merck Foundation new inspiring storybook, MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE.

As Merck Foundation CEO and as an African woman, I am excited to invite you to read our new inspiring storybook, “MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE “. I wanted this storybook to be part of our Africa Community awareness campaign about Coronavirus. 

I strongly believe that this unsettling period due to the coronavirus scare is difficult for everyone, full of challenges. While most countries are under complete lockdown or restricted movement, people do not know how to handle this situation. Physical distancing is our Social Responsibility and the only way to kill Coronavirus. However, it will take a lot of courage and discipline to practice it. And as we all know it is going to hit most the casual and daily workers. Therefore, we decided to release this story of an honest and hardworking porter and the way he overcame these challenges.

The story also aims to give you some facts about covid-19 and how to stay safe and healthy. Most importantly to emphasize our community strong values of honesty, loyalty, hard work and the ability to make the right choices even during the most challenging times.

I’d like to highlight that we have also supported thousands of women and families of casual & daily workers across the continent during Coronavirus lockdown. Through this storybook I’d like to ask all of you to believe in yourself, do not ignore health advices because good health is your most important asset.

Let’s all remain responsible, honest and loyal and make the right choice even during the toughest times.

Dr. Rasha Kelej
CEO of Merck Foundation, President of Merck More Than A Mother and One of 100 Most Influential African (2019)

Enjoy Reading an inspiring story“Make the Right Choice”

You can download book from here

Reference :https://www.merck-foundation.com/News-Article/Dr-Rasha-Kelej-CEO-of-Merck-Foundation-excited-to-invite-you-all-to-read-our-new-inspiring-storybook-MAKING-THH-RIGHT-CHOICE-COVID-19?fbclid=IwAR0IVYAjO2cbvP-KHNQkNigSafWmxSZbuaKI4Kq7E567Rln_X2tuXD3kaM0

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